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This CD contains more than 80 reports on the Northland coastline. They have been broken down into the following subsections:

Key Documents Index

Here you can find select key resources from each of the subsections.


Northland Biodiversity Reports

Detailed studies of various parts of the Northland coastline can be found here. Topics include bird use, habitats, ecological values, marine biota and the effect of marine reserves in Northland.


Northland Marine Protected Areas (MPA) Resources

Here you can find reports and discussion documents on current, proposed and suggested MPA's in Northland.


New Zealand MPA Resources

This section includes the Marine Reserves Bill, policy background, key features and discussion documents. It also contains other Government MPA strategies, policy statements, case studies and implementation plans.


International MPA Resources

This section collates some of the extensive work completed overseas on MPA's. It includes technical advice, case studies, proposals and discussion papers.


Northland Regional Council (NRC) Marine Planning Resources

The Northland Regional Council is responsible for the natural and physical resources of the region - air, land, water and coast. The marine planning division has released their draft aquaculture constraints map system, which is included here.


Ministry of Fisheries Resources

The Ministry of Fisheries works to ensure that fisheries are used in a sustainable way and that New Zealand has a healthy aquatic ecosystem. Here you can find all area restrictions in New Zealand, as well as information on customary fishing.


Traditional Management Resources

This section contains accounts of traditional management methods, both from within New Zealand and overseas.


Marine Environmental Classification Project (MEC) Resources

The Marine Environmental Classification Project (MEC) is a national level project which uses analysis of environmental data sources to predict habitats divisions in a spatial manner. Here you can find national and regional reports from the project.


Alternatively, you can view a full list of all documents here

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