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Long Bay - Okura Marine Reserve

The Long Bay-Okura Marine Reserve protects a stretch of coastline on the east coast just north of Auckland city. The coast here is typical of that found throughout much of the Waitemata Harbour and inner Hauraki Gulf. It is moderately sheltered, and largely formed of Waitemata sandstones and mudstones.

Formally established in 1995, the marine reserve includes a variety of coastal habitats: sandy beaches, rocky reefs, estuarine mudflats and mangroves. The shores and waters of the Long Bay-Okura Marine Reserve are typical of those of the relatively sheltered inner Hauraki Gulf. There is a diversity of coastal habitats that includes the sandy beaches of Long Bay and Karepiro Bay, the rocky reefs off the two headlands at either end of Long Bay, and the sandflats and mudflats of the Okura River and estuary.


While Toroa Point at the southern end of Long Bay is 'moderately exposed', the Okura River estuary, in contrast, becomes increasingly sheltered as it extends inland for some four kilometres, and its muddy waters host mangrove forests and saltmarsh.

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