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Horoirangi Marine Reserve

Situated 12km north of Nelson city, Horoirangi Marine Reserve extends north-east from Glenduan (“The Glen”) to Ataata Point, the southern headland of Cable Bay, and offshore for one nautical mile (1852m). The marine reserve is a little over 5km long and covers 904 hectares.

Steep eroding bluffs provide a dramatic backdrop to Horoirangi Marine Reserve. The boulder and bedrock reefs nestled below are the beginnings of the Nelson Boulder Bank, a geologically unique boulder spit and scenic reserve stretching southwards to Nelson harbour. To the north lies the Whakapuaka (Delaware Bay) Taiapure. The creation of Horoirangi Marine Reserve in 2006 added another dimension to the protection of this distinctive coastline along the eastern flank of Tasman Bay.

The name Horoirangi derives from the Māori name of the highest peak (Drumduan) overlooking the reserve. For Māori, the hilltop was an important indicator of sea conditions: cloud covering the peak signalled imminent bad weather and sea travel was suspended.


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