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Fisherman’s Tales

Fisherman always tell the truth - Yeah Right !!!!!

There is a bit of myth that appears from time to time that fisherman and conservationists are on opposite sides of the fence. While we have seen this happen, we suggest that there is a different reality for most of us. It goes more like this. Fisherman  have a passion for the sea and are interested in its future. One of the things that fishers value is that the sea is a complex natural system with spectacular diversity, productivity and mysteries, they want to preserve these values. People involved in conservation are more often than not actually fisherman themselves are as commonly the case  today once were. So there are a lot of shared values there in reality.

With this section of the website we are interested in tapping into people’s stories and knowledge of fishing and all that we can learn about the marine environment. With out any doubt there is a wealth of knowledge held by fisherman about the marine environment. We are especially interested din reconstructing a picture and understanding of what ‘natural’ means in terms of the NZ marine environments through the telling of stories from our past. A huge challenge for us today is the reality that fishing in our coastal areas has been in progress now for several generations. Fishing now occurs virtually everywhere. People alive today have literally not had the benefit of observing the marine environment in a natural state. Stories of the past are therefore crucial to our understanding.

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