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Te Korowai - Kaikaoura Coastal Guardians

The launch of Te Korowai o Te Tai o Marokura draft marine Strategy August 2011 was held on Thursday, 1 September 2011.
Te Korowai now invite your views of the proposed Strategy.
They would like you to tell them how they can make this strategy better, more effective, long lasting, and capable of your support.

There is a Submission letter available with advice for those who wish to make a submission

Vision : 
Mä te whakapümau i te mauri me te wairua o “Te Tai o
Marokura”, ko mätou ngä kaitiaki o ngä taonga a Tangaroa
kei te arataki i te iwi hapori, ki te whakangaruru i te
momona me te waiora o te ähuatanga o te Taiao, mo ngä
whakatipuranga o aianei me ake tonu ake.

By perpetuating the mauri and wairua (life force
and spirit) of “Te Tai o Marokura”, (Kaikoura region)
we as kaitiaki (guardians) of Tangaroa’s täonga (the
ocean’s treasures) are leading the community to achieve a
flourishing, rich and healthy environment where opportunities
abound to sustain the needs of present and future generations.

Te Tai o Marokura, the Kaikoura marine environment, is an ecological system where the whole is far more than the sum of the parts. Similarly the proposed Strategy is an integrated whole, reflecting the six years of research and discussion by Te Korowai. Each part of the Strategy is important and no part can be properly understood in isolation from the rest. We invite you to approach the Strategy in this same spirit and encourage you to engage with the full Strategy.

Te Korowai have done our very best to work for the greater good of the people of Kaikoura, the well being of its natural environment, and to secure opportunities for future generations. We are not perfect and neither is our work. We offer this strategy humbly, but with a measure of satisfaction that we have put everything we could into it. We know that there is great wisdom in our community, and amongst people all over the world who have come to love the Kaikoura environment. Please tell us how we can make this strategy better, more effective, long lasting, and capable of your support.
Every submission made to us will be analysed, compared with the ideas of others, and taken into account to help finalise the Strategy. Te Korowai will report to you with an analysis of submissions, a clear record of the decisions we make on the submissions, and how we have dealt with conflicting views. The final Strategy will be much briefer, without the background material included in this current proposal. It will focus on the actions that need to be taken.
Special legislation may be required to give effect to this Strategy. This was the case with the Fiordland Guardians. The same need for various legal requirements to come into place at the same time is also true in Kaikoura. Any such Bill will be subject to Select Committee hearings and everyone will then get another say.
We thank you for your patience, encourage your submissions, and look forward to the dialogue and discussion over the next three months.


Te Korowai would really value your views on the our proposed Strategy and invite you to send your comments to us by email or post to the addresses given below:

- Please make sure your contact details (surname, initial and email/postal address) are clearly marked on your submission so that we can send you a copy of the submissions summary.

- This document presents an integrated strategy for the management of the Kaikoura Coast. The process involved ‘gifts and gains’ by the various sectors represented around the table and we encourage you to view it as a whole package, providing protection and enhancement of our coastline for future generations. Please make any general comments about the Strategy as a whole, at the beginning of your submission.

- As you record your comments, we ask that you follow the order of the document and refer to the section of the draft you are commenting on, to help us take account of your views.

- Please include reasons for your comments and include reference to any information we may not have been aware of, while we were drafting the Strategy.

- All submissions will be treated as public documents and used to compile a summary report for Te Korowai. The summary report will be made public and may include quotes from submissions to illustrate key points.

We look forward to receiving your views by: 2 December 2011

Post to:
Te Korowai o Te Tai o Marokura
PO Box 303
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
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