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Ocean Acidification

Our Changing World for Thursday 2 September 2010

9pm on Radio New Zealand National
Presented and produced by Alison Ballance, Ruth Beran and Veronika Meduna

Going out in the sun is a double-edge sword. Ultraviolet radiation can cause skin cancers, but insufficient exposure can lead to low levels of vitamin D. Scientists from the University of Otago and NIWA are measuring people’s exposure to UV using personal dosimeters. Ruth Beran and Alison Ballance both wore one for a week in winter to see how they fared.

The Acid Test - an Our Changing World special feature on ocean acidification. Carbon dioxide emissions are making the world’s oceans more acidic, and it’s happening very quickly. Ahead of next week’s ‘Ocean Acidification in the South Pacific’ workshop at the University of Otago, Alison Ballance talks with New Zealand biologists and chemists to find out what’s happening, and what it might mean for marine life, especially for plants and animals that use calcium carbonate to build shells and skeletons.

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