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Using our Science Document Archive

In our Resources section we have a Document Archive. This is a collection of articles and scientific reports organized around ocean themes. We have focused on biodiversity, marine ecology and fisheries management themes. A description of these themes is listed here to help you get a better idea of the categories in the Document Archive.

Fisheries Management NZ
Information papers about how we manage fish stocks in New Zealand  under the Fisheries Act. Covers the research methods and assumptions that underlie the management decision making. A key issue with fisheries management is to examine the ecological impacts of fishing and sustainability of the ocean systems. 

Fisheries Management International
A collection of papers taken from the vast body of overseas literature on fisheries management. Our purpose here is to find examples, case studies and 'lesson's learned' in fisheries management from around the world which can help us to understand our New Zealand fisheries management challenges. The state of the world's fisheries and ocean ecosystems is a serious concern worldwide and there are many parallels with issues we now face in New Zealand.

Fish Genetics NZ and International
This is a little known but vital area of current research in New Zealand and worldwide. The crucial question: is fishing as it is practiced here and overseas sustainable in terms of its impacts and natural fish stock's genetics and evolution. There are some dramatic implications and challenges to fisheries management which comes to light from this work.

Marine Biodiversity NZ
It is estimated that  something like 90% of New Zealand's biodiversity lives in the sea. In contrast to on land we are still in the pioneer and discovery phase of marine biology and ecology. Virtually everyday a new species is discovered form our marine environment. We bring you here a selected series of papers which examine this incredible diversity of the sea around us.

Marine Biodiversity International
A collection of papers that describe the importance of biodiversity in the sea and examines the issues around protection of worldwide biodiversity under severe threat from over exploitation.

Habitat Studies NZ
This collection of papers looks at the important field of marine work which seeks to describe and map habitats in the marine environment and the methods used to do this work. Habitat mapping is a key tool used to underpin the design of MPA's.

Regional Biodiversity Info Reports
There are marine regional information projects running in several parts of the country. Most of this work is targeted at preparing for the MPA processes to come. In addition to the documents archived in this section go to our Science section and our
Regional Information Systems page for links to the online reports and databases from around the country. Currently Northland, West Coast, South Island and Waikato have systems online.

MPA's and Networks International
If you haven't discovered this yet, MPA is an acronym for Marine Protected Areas. This section brings to you summary works and information from around the world exploring what MPA's are, what they can do, why we need them, and how to create them. Overseas there are some huge advances being made in this area as the first functioning networks of marine protected areas emerge - there is much for us to consider and learn from these overseas examples.

MPA's and Networks NZ
Collected here are important examples of marine science work in New Zealand. Marine science in New Zealand is entering a fascinating and challenging period. In addition to new discovery and exploration still going on in the marine environment, there is exciting in progress around the country mapping marine habitats and studies examining the results from marine reserves and other protected areas and the impacts of fishing  and our fisheries management systems.

Marine Reserve Research and Monitoring International
This is a selection of scientific reports and papers on contemporary marine science research and monitoring studies. There is an emphasis on bringing overseas information to you that is relevant to New Zealand issues and MPA processes. Studies focused on marine reserves and network design is a major area of current marine science work internationally. Many of these studies are highly valuable as background to our understanding of the marine world here in New Zealand and the challenge of managing exploitation and a growing population.

Traditional Management NZ
There is a wealth of experience and understanding of the ocean and management of marine resources that lies at the heart of Maori traditional knowledge. We live in a fast changing world with massive impacts on natural systems, but traditional knowledge, 'matauranga maori' is highly relevant to today's challenges. Where western science gives us powerful analytical tools and masses of information, traditional knowledge brings to the table experience and careful observation and experimentation over very long time scales. This knowledge and management practices are especially valuable because marine systems are so complex and variable. We will make every effort to develop this section over time by engaging with Maori and assisting them in their role of nurturing applying their knowledge systems.

Traditional Management International
This section explores case studies and work going on around the Pacific and further afield involved in restoring and applying traditional knowledge and management systems to contemporary challenges and situations. There are some exciting examples for us to explore. In this body of work there are fascinating glimpses of connections between Maori traditional knowledge and the knowledge systems and practice of the Pacific and particularly the Polynesian cultural groups with which Maori share ancestral ties. Sponsors