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Gymnothorax obesus Gymnothorax obesus

Speckled moray at Cleanerfish bay, Poor Knights Islands.

Gymnothorax obesus blinded Gymnothorax obesus blinded

A one-eyed Speckled moray at Serpent Rock, Poor Knights Islands.

Mosaic Moray Eel Mosaic Moray Eel

Enchelycore ramose on Astrid's wall, Poor Knights Islands.

Eel on the Reef Eel on the Reef

Poor Knights Island Marine Reserve - Northland.

Eel emerging from under overhang Eel emerging from under overhang

Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve.

Grey Moray Eel Grey Moray Eel

Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve - Gardens.

Yellow Moray Eel Yellow Moray Eel

Motukaroro - Whangarei Harbour Marine Reserve. Yellow Moray Eels or Puharakeke (Gymnothorax…

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