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Nudibranch and Triplefin Nudibranch and Triplefin

This is a Variable Nudibranch (Aphelodoris luctuosa) with a nearby Common Triplefin…

Notoclinops segmentatus Notoclinops segmentatus

A blue-eyed triplefin at Goat island marine reserve, Leigh.

Forsterygion malcolmi Forsterygion malcolmi

A banded triplefin at Magic wall, Poor Knights Islands.

Forsterygion lapillum Forsterygion lapillum

A common triplefin in Whangateau Harbour.

Two Forsterygion flavonigrum Two Forsterygion flavonigrum

A pair of yellow-black triplefins in front of Bluebell tunicates at Cleanerfish bay,…

Ruanoho whero Ruanoho whero

Spectacled triplefin at Jones bay, Leigh.

Triplefin and Orange Sponge Triplefin and Orange Sponge

Motukaroro - Whangarei Harbour Marine Reserve.

Triplefin and Sponges Triplefin and Sponges

Motukaroro - Whangarei Harbour Marine Reserve.

Triplefins and Starfish Tentacles Triplefins and Starfish Tentacles

Motukaroro - Whangarei Harbour Marine Reserve. The tentacles of a Snake Tail Brittle…

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