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Nudibranch Egg Spiral Nudibranch Egg Spiral

A spiral of eggs laid by a Nudibranch found at Goat Island Marine Reserve by students…

Nudibranch egg spiral Nudibranch egg spiral

An egg spiral laid by a Clown Nudibranch (Ceratosoma amoenum) at Whangarei Harbour…

Nudibranch and Triplefin Nudibranch and Triplefin

This is a Variable Nudibranch (Aphelodoris luctuosa) with a nearby Common Triplefin…

EMR action EMR action

EMR parent gets up close to nudibranch in Whangarei Harbour Marine Reserve.

Polycera hedgpethi Polycera hedgpethi

Newly found visitor to NZ, Polycera hedgpethi, found by Samara Nicholas (EMR) in…

Clown Nudibranch Clown Nudibranch

Motukaroro - Whangarei Harbour Marine Reserve.

Clown Sea Slugs mating Clown Sea Slugs mating

Motukaroro - Whangarei Harbour Marine Reserve. All Nudibranchs or 'Sea-Slugs' are…

Sea Slug Eggs Sea Slug Eggs

Motukaroro - Whangarei Harbour Marine Reserve. Nudibranchs or 'Sea-Slugs' are hermaphrodites,…

Diverse Rocky Reef Diverse Rocky Reef

A myriad of encrusting and branching invertebrates make ideal habitat for a variety…

Sea Slug - Clown Nudibranch Sea Slug - Clown Nudibranch

Northeast coast. This Nudibranch (Ceratosoma amoena) displays bright colours to advertise…

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