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Giant limpets Giant limpets

These giant limpets are found only at the Kermadec Islands, and growing to 200mm are…

Kingfish and Northern Kahawai Kingfish and Northern Kahawai

Northern kahawai and Kingfish. Meyer Island, Kermadecs.

Kermadec Scalyfin Kermadec Scalyfin

The Kermadec scalyfin (Parma kermadecensis), is a cute little endemic fish. Common…

Kermadec demoiselle Kermadec demoiselle

Kermadec demoiselle (Chrysiptera rapanui). Endemic. One of the most abundant reef…

Northern Kahawai Northern Kahawai

Northern Kahawai and snorkeller with the Experiencing Marine Reserves programme,…

Spotted Black Grouper, Meyer Island. Spotted Black Grouper, Meyer Island.

Spotted Black Grouper in liar, Meyer Island, Raoul.

Encrusting coral Encrusting coral

Encrusting coral. Meyer Island, Raoul.
The reef communities are transitional…

Endemic caramel drummer Endemic caramel drummer

The endemic caramel drummer (Girella fimbriata) at Meyer Island, Kermadecs, 2012.

Giant limpets and cameraman Giant limpets and cameraman

Kermadec Giant limpet with cameraman Steve Hathaway at Meyer Island, with the Experiencing…

Yellow five arm starfish Yellow five arm starfish

Yellow 5 arm starfish, Meyer Island, Raoul

Spotted Black Grouper Spotted Black Grouper

Spotted Black Grouper, photographed on the Eastern side of Meyer Island, Raoul, August…

Kermadec giant limpets Kermadec giant limpets

The endemic giant limpets. Extremly abundant. This picture taken in about 3 meters…

Kermadec Demoiselle Kermadec Demoiselle

The Kermadec demoiselle (Chrysiptera rapanui) is one of the most abundant fishes…

Grey drummer Grey drummer

Herbivorous reef fish, 5 - 20% are bright yellow! Photo taken at the Kermadec Islands.

Green sea turtle Green sea turtle

Juvenile Green Sea Turtle at Meyer Islands (August 2012), Kermadecs.

Kermadec reef habitat Kermadec reef habitat

Reef habitat at Meyer Island, Kermadecs. The hard coral had a rock in the middle…

Snorkeling the Kermadec Islands Marine Reserve Snorkeling the Kermadec Islands Marine Reserve

Experiencing Marine Reserves (EMR), in partnership with the Sir Peter Blake Trust,…

Galapagos Shark Galapagos Shark

Galapagos shark at the Kermadec Islands

juvenile Kermadec gray angelfish juvenile Kermadec gray angelfish

Juvenile Gray Kermedec Angelfish, about 50mm long

Spotted Black Grouper Spotted Black Grouper

The Kermadec Islands support the world's last remaining large population of these…

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