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Neptune’s Necklace Neptune’s Necklace

Parengarenga Harbour. Hormosira banksii or 'Neptune's Necklace' plants can grow up…

Gray Sponge Gray Sponge

Parengarenga Harbour.

Encrusting Orange Sponge Encrusting Orange Sponge

Parengarenga Harbour.

Didemnum Sea Squirt Didemnum Sea Squirt

Parengarenga Harbour.

Branching Sponge Branching Sponge

Parengarenga Harbour.

Cockel Bed Cockel Bed

Parengarenga. Cockle Bed opposite the wharf.

Parengarenga Harbour Parengarenga Harbour

Parengarenga Mangroves

Parengarenga Harbour Parengarenga Harbour

Wind Castles

Wind Castle Wind Castle

Parengarenga Harbour Wind Castles

Sand dune vegetation Parengarenga Sand dune vegetation Parengarenga

Parengarenga Harbour sand spit

Sand Spit and waders Parengarenga Harbour Sand Spit and waders Parengarenga Harbour

Oyster catchers on sand spit

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