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Friendly Blue Cod Friendly Blue Cod

Friendly blue cod (Parapercis colias) at Goat Island (leigh) marine reserve while…

juvenile Kermadec gray angelfish juvenile Kermadec gray angelfish

Juvenile Gray Kermedec Angelfish, about 50mm long

Hypoplectrodes sp Hypoplectrodes sp

A half banded perch photographed at the Poor Knights Islands. They feed mainly on…

Nemadactylus douglasi Nemadactylus douglasi

A porae at the Poor Knights. These are common on sand or gravel near reefs.

Caesioperca lepidoptera Caesioperca lepidoptera

This butterfly perch was photographed at the Poor Knights.

Cheilodactylus ephipium Cheilodactylus ephipium

Often found near caves or crevises, this painted moki was photographed at the Poor…

Seriola lalandi Seriola lalandi

A juvenile kingfish sheltering under a boat at the Poor Knights.

Zeus faber Zeus faber

Predatory ambush hunter, the john dory photographed at the Little Barrier Island.

Notolabrus inscriptus Notolabrus inscriptus

A male green wrasse at the Poor Knights. They feed on large invertebrates.

Scorpaena papillosus Scorpaena papillosus

A dwarf scorpionfish at Deep Water Cove in the Bay of Islands. Dwarf scorpionfish…

Epinephelus damelii Epinephelus damelii

A black spotted grouper at the Poor Knights. These fellas are usually found in caves…

Parma alboscapularis Parma alboscapularis

A black angelfish, a herbivorous feeder in the shallows, at the Poor Knights Islands…

Snapper at Goat Island Snapper at Goat Island

Some of the local Snapper from Goat Island Marine Reserve swimming with students…

Cheilodactylus spectabilus Cheilodactylus spectabilus

Common on the coast and offshore islands, this red moki was photographed at the Poor…

Juvenile Yellow-eyed Mullet school Juvenile Yellow-eyed Mullet school

The Whangateau Estuary offers fish like the Yellow Eyed Mullet with fantastic habitat.…

Schooling Trevally at Whangateau Schooling Trevally at Whangateau

The estuary at Whangateau offers some of the best estuarine snorkelling in New Zealand.

Flounder swimming on sand Flounder swimming on sand

Whangateau Estuary. Flounder are such interesting fish - they start life with their…

Demoiselle School at the Poor Knights Demoiselle School at the Poor Knights

A thick school of two-spot Demoiselles sweep the reef at the Poor Knights Islands…

Lionfish Lionfish

(Pterois volitans) can be found at the Kermadec Islands and occasionally at the Poor…

Bass at the Three Kings Bass at the Three Kings

A large Bass eyeballs the diver through an archway at the Three Kings. Closely related…

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