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Seaweed Seaweed

Ecklonia Forest. Live on rock at and below the low water mark on moderately sheltered…

Mimiwhangata Mimiwhangata

Deep Reef. 3 km underwater sponge gardens.

Deep Reef Deep Reef

Mimiwhangata Deep Reef

Seaweed Seaweed

Carpophyllum flexuosum. Flexible flapjack. Up to 2m high. Lives on rock in deep pools…

Parengarenga Harbour Parengarenga Harbour

Parengarenga Mangroves

Koheru school Koheru school

Koheru, frequent visitor to shallow northern waters, important prey species for pelagic…

Blue Moki Blue Moki

Blue moki, important shallow reef species taken at Bream Head, Northland

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