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This file has a .pdf extensionWater Whisperers Tangaroa
Author(s): Wick Candle

‘Water Whisperers – Tangaroa’ - the inspiring new film from Kathleen Gallagher
Following ‘Earth Whisperers’, arguably the most loved and successful New Zealand environmental film ever made, ‘Water Whisperers – Tangaroa’ is a natural companion to its predecessor.
“This is the film I knew I had to make after ‘Earth Whisperers,’” says award-winning filmmaker Kathleen Gallagher. 
Filmed at stunning locations from north to south, we follow 10 communities engaged with healing precious waterways for future generations. We share the passion of the people behind the recovery and conservation. We travel up the Rakaia with Al and Tia Wilkie and the Ngai Tahu Ngati Mamoe Fisherfolk and the Winnemen Wintu from Northern California.
We visit The Glen marine reserve and go with stunning underwater footage to Goat Island with Bill Ballantine and the Poor Knights with Wade Doak in the far north. We are transported into the world of Golden Bay dairy farmers and shell fishermen. Together they restore the Aorere River in Golden Bay.
Gallagher says: “This film is about the reconnection of ourselves with our lakes, rivers and oceans. We have guides already in our midst - fishermen, conservationists, farmers, scientists, local iwi and divers who are intimate with lakes river and sea life, knowledgeable about sustainable fishing practices and how to restore damaged waters.”
This film is entertaining and beautiful and a living proof of people’s passion to protect and safeguard our rivers, lakes, coastlines and oceans. You will be inspired!

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