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This section explores case studies and work going on around the Pacific and further afield involved in restoring and applying traditional knowledge and management systems to contemporary challenges and situations. There are some exciting examples for us to explore. In this body of work there are fascinating glimpses of connections between Maori traditional knowledge and the knowledge systems and practice of the Pacific and particularly the Polynesian cultural groups with which Maori share ancestral ties.


This file has a .pdf extensionMPA News September - October 2010
Author(s): MPA News

MPA NEWS, Vol. 12, No. 2 (September-October 2010)

Table of Contents

MPAs and Indigenous Peoples: Co-Management as a Means of Respecting Traditional Culture and Strengthening Conservation

MPA Perspective: Reflections on Resource Management, Native Hawaiian Culture, and Papahānaumokuākea By Miwa Tamanaha

From the Editor: MPA News in Spanish; Reader Feedback

Notes & News: UK - Canada - Malta - World Heritage - US - MPA expert database - Connectivity handbook - Coral Triangle MPA - LMMA Network - Invasive lionfish - MPA networks - Coral ID guide - Sea level rise - Undersea weddings

Science Spotlight: Can Protected Areas Change Fish Behavior?


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This file has a .pdf extensionGovernment-supported, Village-based Management of Marine Resources in Vanuatu [truncated title]
Author(s): R E Johannes

Full title: In-Depth Solution Coverage - Government-supported, Village-based Management of Marine Resources in Vanuatu.
This paper looks at traditional village-based marine management which has been occuring in Vanuatu, independent of the largely ineffective management by central government. The paper explores the benefits and success of traditional management, whilst acknowledging the shortcomings of it (largely the shortage of scientific knowledge). It also looks at the potential for traditional management to be supported within the national framework.

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