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It is estimated that something like 90% of New Zealand's biodiversity lives in the sea. In contrast to on land we are still in the pioneer and discovery phase of marine biology and ecology. Virtually everyday a new species is discovered form our marine environment. We bring you here a selected series of papers which examine this incredible diversity of the sea around us.


This file has a .pdf extensionMangroves: Current Research Activities and New Zealand Bibliography
Author(s): A.C. Alfaro

The community composition of benthic macro-fauna was investigated within temperate Matapouri Estuary, northern New Zealand. Results from these benthic samples indicate that Matapouri Estuary has a high overall biodiversity, with distinctive faunal assemblages found within different habitats, and some seasonal variations also apparent. Several physical and biological differences between tropical/sub-tropical and New Zealand’s temperate mangrove habitats are put forth as potential reasons for the lower density and diversity of the benthic component observed herein.

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