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We are committed to bringing the marine environment to you and highlighting people involved in the ocean. We must not allow ourselves to be complacent about the marine environment it is far too valuable to us. This section is a virtual growing library of pictures, videos and documents about the marine environment. It will continue to grow and develop overtime so be sure to check in with us frequently.

We think visual resources are invaluable in allowing everyone to experience our marine world and to help engage people in processes of caring for it in a modern and crowded world. 

We will work hard to bring important documents about the marine environment to your attention and make them readily available to you to download.

1001 Images

99 Videos

285 Documents

See dozens of fish, plants and invertebrates. Visit different marine habitats around New Zealand and view conservation programmes in action.

Watch crayfish race across the sea floor, visit marine reserves and watch scientists at work.

Learn more about New Zealand’s marine biodiversity, marine reserves and fisheries management programmes. Sponsors


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