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Start a monitoring project

Monitoring is a useful way to find out the current state of the environment and if done over a period of time can help us to understand what changes may be happening.  This is useful in our quest to understand the marine environment and the impacts that we have on it.

Monitoring can be done on a range of scales in a range of habitats.

For the more experienced snorkeller, an underwater transect line may be a viable option, whereas the more unexperienced may be more at home doing rocky shore studies.

The beauty is that anyone can be involved with monitoring and any information that is recorded is useful information.


Marine Biologist - Roger Grace - conducting an underwater survey along a transect line.

 We are building a list of ways to start your own monitoring project below so have a browse through, email you own suggestions/examples to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or have a browse through our document and report archive, which is full of research papers showcasing the results and methodology of some fascinating monitoring projects.

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