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ECO Launches New Marine Information Web Site: Sea Net

SeaNet launched last week (a Environment and Conservation Organisations of NZ - ECO project) is a directory and database to link people, community groups and organisations with an interest and concern for the marine environment to information, resources and each other.

Key components of the Sea Net Project include:

  1. Development of a database and directory of coastal, marine and oceans public policy processes, legislation, sources of information and other resources;
  2. Development of a database and community network directory of people and organisations with expertise, experience and interest in the marine and coastal environment and biodiversity protection.
  3. The database and network will be based around a website hosted by Wellington Community Net with a CD version available for those with slow or limited internet access.

ECO's objective is to develop a resource and network that will allow individuals and groups with interests in the marine environment to use SeaNet to find information and each other and discover avenues for engagement. The network, database and directory will help people acquire knowledge and find expertise and facilitate input to public policy and resource management processes.
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