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Ministry of Fisheries Resources

The Ministry of Fisheries works at ensuring that fisheries are being used in a sustainable way and that we have a healthy aquatic ecosystem.

They do this by, researching fisheries, managing the process for access or allocation of fisheries and ensuring that those who use these resources comply with the legislation and regulations.


On the Ministry of Fisheries website you'll find some interesting information on the status of New Zealand fisheries and plans for its future.

There's also news, publications, consultations and research opportunities to browse through.

Their Environmental section has information on marine habitats and ecosystems, oceans and productivity, keeping within environmental limits, impacts of bottom fishing, SMEEF and threats from the land.

If you dive a bit deeper into habitat protection and research you'll find summaries about the problem itself, current and future management, benthic impacts strategy and research projects including the Chatham / Challenger Project  which will map and compare habitats and diversity of sea-bed communities in fishable depths at key locations across the Chatham Rise and the Challenger Plateau. Sponsors