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Art for Primary Schools

Gyotaku - Fish Printing

Before you eat that fish you caught you can now get a life size print of it as proof!

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Photo Source


Art examples from the Experiencing Marine Reserves (EMR) Programme

The following examples of art are students who have been involved in the EMR programme.  This programme involves the students learning about the marine environment within the classroom.  They then have two field trips - one is to a local area where they go snorkelling to observe the marine life present.  The second field trip is to a marine reserve, usually the one at Goat Island, Leigh.  At Leigh they compare the amount of marine life present there to their local area.  The students then produce art work which represents their view of the difference between a marine reserve area and a non-marine reserve area.



A past EMR student (Holly Worthington) comparing Tapeka Point with Goat Island.




Another past student of EMR (Tyla Stevenson) compared two marine environments - Ahipara with Goat Island.


As a result of students discovering such a huge difference between the amount of marine life in their local non-marine reserve area compared to the amount in a marine reserve they are then not only encouraged but highly motivated to ACTION something to help the marine environment.


Scott Walls came up with this clever t-shirt design!