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Community Guided Snorkel Days

Experiencing Marine Reserves (EMR) expands its Community Guided Snorkel Days concept around the country for seaweek 2012
Seaweek is hosted by the NZ Association for Environmental Education; Seaweek focuses on learning from the sea. It’s about exciting and inspiring all New Zealanders to renew their connections with the sea! Not just for children or those involved with formal education – it’s a time for all of us to get to know our ocean, its habitats, characteristics and inhabitants better.

Seaweek comprises a wide range of events, activities, opportunities, competitions and calls to action. Seaweek 2012 runs from March 3-11. The theme is: One Ocean – Too Much Love? Turning the Tide.  Kaupapa Moana 2012 - 3-11 Pou-tü-te-rangi. Ngä Tai a Tangaroa - He kaha rawa nö te takakino? Ka takahuri te Tai
The 2012 theme explores the wide variety of different uses, passions and expectations of the sea and their conflicts and impacts now and into the future.
Over the past seven years EMR has been organising Community Guided Snorkel Days at the Reotahi site of the Whangarei Harbour Marine Reserve.
The snorkel days engage all demographics, EMR provides the leadership on the day including sourcing experienced snorkel guides and providing all the equipment for the events. In Northland Refining NZ sponsored the summer series of snorkel days for 2012, with the last one taking place this Sunday the 11th March.
As part of EMR's community engagement focus and national expansion sponsored by the Tindall Foundation with support from Department of Conservation, EMR coordinators around the country have been organising community guided snorkel days for Seaweek. EMR also supports community groups in organising these awareness raising events in places such as the Bay of Islands, Bream Head, Waiheke and Whangateau. Last weekend EMR had a snorkel day at Waiheke Island.  During the month of March we have snorkel days happening around NZ to raise support and boundary awareness for our existing marine reserves.
• 10th March - Te Whanganui a hei Marine Reserve, Gemstone Bay ,Hahei, Coromandel 10am - 1pm (bookings essential for this one) 
• 10th March - Te Tapuwae O Rongokako Marine Reserve, Gisborne 11.30am - 4pm
• 10th March - Cape Rodney to Okakari Pt Marine Reserve, Goat Island, Leigh 10am - 2pm
• 11th March - Reotahi site of the Whangarei Harbour Marine Reserve, Whangarei Heads 10am-3pm
• 18th March - Horoirangi Marine Reserve - Nelson, ages 8 and up. 8.30am - 12.30pm
For more information about our snorkel days
Seaweek is an opportunity to raise awareness and action for marine conservation, everyone can get involved, like our Helensville Golfers who Rock for EMR during Seaweek!

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