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MarineNZ - information, education, conservation

MarineNZ is a massive information portal that provides New Zealanders with important information on our marine environment. The website is an online encyclopedia, full of resources about our oceans and beaches. Those resources include stunning underwater photography and videography, as well as leading marine biology reports and presentations. It provides tools and resources for students, teachers and all those interested in conservation. It is a dynamic site, with interviews,discussions and blogs for visitors to participate in.

The aim of the MarineNZ site is to educate New Zealanders about our beautiful marine environment, and encourage marine conservation projects around the country. We are surrounded by such beauty, but we all have a responsibility to make sure it is looked after for future generations.

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If you want to look around but don't know where to start, you can Take a Tour of the site. For a quick introduction to the principles of marine science, take our Marine Science 101 class. Or you can dive into our stunning image gallery, which has more than 500 underwater photographs. Sponsors