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Take a tour through our underwater world

MarineNZ is designed so that everyone can see our amazing underwater world. We've got lots of resources here, and if you're not sure where to start, here's a road map for you.

The Undersea World: New Zealand currently has more than twenty marine reserves - here you can experience all of them. We also profile some of New Zealand's marine heroes, who have pioneered work in marine science , underwater photography and more. We also look at historical accounts of our marine life, and hear from fisherman about what they see when they're out on the water.

The Science: Curious about how the ocean works? We explain the basics of marine science, and introduce you to marine biodiversity and marine protected areas. You can also find out how we complete underwater research and monitoring, and look at some fantastic regional studies that have been completed.

Resources: Prepare to be amazed! Here you'll find hundreds of stunning underwater photographs and videos. You can view the image collection by area - this is your chance to see what it's like at the Kermadec Islands, or at Three Kings. Check out snapper, crayfish and more in their natural habitat in the video section. You can leave comments on your favourite pics and videos too. There's also a documents index, with important scientific reports and resources for students.

Marine News: We have an editorial team that keeps a finger on the pulse of marine news, both in New Zealand and around the world. Check here for the latest info on what's happening in the wide world of marine science and conservation.

Education: This section is for both teachers and students, and is broken up into subject areas. Want to know how to incorporate marine activities into yoru social studies, physics or art class? We can show you how.

How To: Here you'll find ideas on how to start conservation projects of your own. We also highlight a number of other fantastic marine websites that you can explore. Sponsors