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MarineNZ Editorial Policy

RVG_30_11_2006_ArchPinD_and_G.jpgMarineNZ is edited and compiled by the Mountains to the Sea Conservation Trust and a growing network of contributors. The team includes marine scientists/photographers, and educationalists. We are young and old - what brings us together for this project is a passion for the Sea. We have all been very much involved with the Sea throughout our lives – we are marine people.

New Zealand is famous for its' stunning marine environment. Its blue and its beautiful, and its tempting to think that its resources and life are limitless, but  a closer looks reveals a very different and worrying story of decline of marine life and habitats. Historically it has been difficult for the general public to find out about the health of our marine environment and the ins and outs of how we manage marine things.  We aim to change all that and bring you up to date information. We will  engage you in the experience of being there amongst the under water world. This is the start of being a well informed community. Only then can we have a full discussion about how to look after our oceans and rivers, for future generations. At times we will not be shy to lead this discussion. Our commitment to you is that we will strive for fairness, balance and positive approaches to people’s views, values and culture.

Conflict is inevitable in the business of caring for the marine environment, we are all involved. Our approach will be to offer positive solutions and ecological understanding. We will not engage in negative lobbying or personal attacks. Those that will wish to provoke or neutralize our efforts in this way will be disappointed. We retain the right to ban submitted content or individuals from membership and participation in MarineNZ who do not respect our code of conduct.

We welcome questions, comments, suggestions and articles for publication. Feel free to join our mailing list, or email us with your comments. Sponsors