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ESRI Conservation Grant Report and Projects

Mountains to Sea Conservation serves community groups thanks to the the ESRI Conservation Grant program support

The Mountains to Sea Conservation Trust is a recipient of the ESRI Conservation Program Grant. Via this grant we have a powerful GIS facility and use this resource along with our in house GIS experience to do work in support of positive initiatives by community groups in New Zealand and the Pacific region.  This works also keeps us in touch with the skills used in GIS work. 

A lot of the mapping projects we have done involved work that is confidential and can no be easily shared in a public forum. This is because some work involves culturally sensitive information or for example design of marine reserve proposals which often are formative or part of an investigation and are not ready for public consultation.

Having said this we recently shared some of our work with the ESRI international community via their web site.

For any questions about our GIS program and assistance with your project contact Vince Kerr by email.

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If you are interested to review some of our work and report to ESRI it can be accessed on their website. 


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