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New Zealanders love the ocean. It is beautiful and diverse, teeming with a fantastic array of sea life. Our team at MarineNZ are all actively involved in marine conservation and education. We believe NZ needs a website that can bring the NZ marine environment to your computer. We also believe that we can all do more to restore and protect marine life and being amongst it even virtually on your computer is a starting point. It will be an adventure in discovery for all us. In time we hope to involve many of you in building and using this site. We have many ideas on the drawing board. will become a virtual marine online world, full of stunning underwater photography, videography and leading marine biology reports and presentations. There are tools for students, teachers and all those interested in our marine environment. There’s also information on our streams and rivers, and how they interact with our beaches and oceans. Tour our site to find out more. You can also register, which will allow you to make comments and receive our newsletters.

Take the time to get involved with our new online community where you’ll meet others working marine conservation, science and education. Share your passions and ideas, ask questions and take part in active discussion.

MarineNZ gives all New Zealanders access to the beauty beneath the Sea. Dive in and enjoy.



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Snapper One Region Rule Change

Snapper One Region Rule Change

On the 1 April 2014 changes to the rules for snapper in the Snapper 1 Region came into effect. The bag limit is changing to 7 snapper per fisher per day (previously 9), and the size limit is increasing to 30cm (from 27cm).

The Snapper 1 Region covers the East Coast between North Cape and Cape Runaway out to a distance of 200 nautical miles. There are no changes to the bag limits or minimum legal sizes outside this area. For bag and size limits in other regions, check your local fishing rules.

The changes to the Snapper 1 bag and size limits are part of a long term plan to improve New Zealand’s most valuable inshore finfish fishery. The changes will help improve the sustainability of snapper stocks and are part of a larger Snapper 1 management programme.

Every fisher can support New Zealand’s fisheries through good fish handling practices. Gentle handling and careful return of unwanted or undersize fish contributes to the sustainability of the fishery through increasing survival rates.  Simple steps like keeping fish in the water where possible, returning fish close to the surface of the water and removing hooks gently can all help improve a fish’s chance of survival after release. Advice on good fish handling practices is available through our website.

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Giant limpets Giant limpets

These giant limpets are found only at the Kermadec Islands, and growing to 200mm are…

Kingfish and Northern Kahawai Kingfish and Northern Kahawai

Northern kahawai and Kingfish. Meyer Island, Kermadecs.

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This file has a .pdf extensionFirst discovery of a New Zealand polychaete-echinoderm association
Published by Geoffrey Read and Roger Grace on 12/19/2013

First discovery of a New Zealand polychaete-echinoderm association. Previously unknown. Sponsors


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